Shachar Grembek

Shachar is responsible for the strategic planning and the day-to-day operation of Roshumbo. Shachar has more than 8 years experience in Management, BizDev & Development positions in SAP, Amdocs & Startup companies. Moreover, Shachar has an MBA degree from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

    Ron Propper
    Co-Founder & General Manager

Ron is responsible for business development. Previously, Ron was the CEO of GadPro Technologies, a family fund investing in startup companies. Ron has also established a highly successful lounge-bar in Tel Aviv, which is a hub for young artists and is a critically acclaimed art gallery.

    Boaz Lavie
    Co-Founder & Creative Director

Boaz is the inventor of SHOBO™ and other Roshumbo games to come, and responsible for directing the creative process from abstract idea to the complete, designed and working product along with Roshumbo’s talented collaborators. Prior to Rosuhmbo, Boaz was a well-known online gamer, games expert, content editor, consultant and writer for leading TV channels and websites in Israel.


Blue Goo
Game branding, design and GUI

Blue-Goo is a graphic design studio specializing in brand solutions and interactive design for the digital world. The studio utilizes cutting-edge technology and unique design tools to develop unusual creative solutions and interactive experiences. Blue Goo Tel Aviv is the currently-active studio of the Blue Goo network, and is continuing the collaboration with Roshumbo.
Game development and platform

Jivy is a casual gaming platform especially built to allow the operation of skill games web sites. In operation since 2004, the Jivy platform enables the launching of new operations within a short period of time, custom made to suit the needs of all clients.