SHOBO™ (patent pending) is an innovative, online multiplayer board game. Two opposing players place their pieces (called Daggers) on the board, and try to eliminate their opponent’s daggers through a series of simultaneous moves.

SHOBO™ is very easy to learn, but difficult to master. Games never repeat themselves, and an average game takes only about 3 minutes from start to finish.

SHOBO™ is an exciting game of guessing, in which every decision is critical. It is also a game of strategy and agility, intellect and domination, that bears a unique quality of drama with no use of dice or cards, and is playable for real money or for fun.

SHOBO is the award winning game of the social games category in the GameIS 2010 competition (The Israeli Oscar for game developers).

You can now play SHOBO™ on Facebook. Soon you'll be able to play SHOBO™ on other platforms as well, and start preparing for the World Championship of SHOBO™, coming soon.

SHOBO™ on youtube